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Author:  mayhem [ Tue Oct 01, 2002 1:17 pm ]
Post subject: Folding@Home Team (11311)

I started a Team 11311

If anyone runs Linux and wants to join feel free :)

Author:  mayhem [ Tue Nov 12, 2002 12:18 am ]
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Well we now have a HUGE 3 members on the team.

Thanks to our latest signup davidbu.

P.S. Team page is here: ... ed?q=11311

Author:  mayhem [ Wed Dec 04, 2002 12:31 am ]
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Slowly but surely the team is growing :) and we are moving up the ranks.

Thanks to all those who have joined the team... I hope to see more in the future :)

Author:  DPA [ Thu Jan 30, 2003 9:53 am ]
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Hey fellow folders. I've been looking for new team to join since my current team is doing well ( I fold under "dallen" and want to know if you guys/girls want some help? I use Linux almost exclusively and want to fold for a linux based team. I just want to know if anyone is serious about folding on this team?

Author:  mayhem [ Thu Jan 30, 2003 11:28 am ]
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Currently our Folding team is pretty empty (5 members, 1 active recently). I myself prefer and have gone back to it since they have now released RC5-72.

Althought once I have my second linux box up and running I will be running folding on it.

Please feel free to join if you wish, the more the better :)

Author:  enthalco [ Fri Jul 01, 2005 3:52 am ]
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Hi Everyone,

New member to team 11311 here.

I am running at "renice -10" here. Anything faster and I can't do anything else with my Linux Box (running with Linspire). It took more than a week at nice -20 to complete my first WU (before joining the Linuxathome team). Too bad I can't transfer those points.

I also use a second box with the strait Debian installation (resently upgraded to "Sarge").

that's all for now,

Fred O'Grady :)

Author:  enthalco [ Tue Jul 05, 2005 5:25 am ]
Post subject:  Increase your folding progress.

Hi everyone.

To increase you folding productivity, I suggest you give your folding application more of your cpu time.

If/when you are away from your box, you can "renice" to give folding more resources.

Here is how I do it.

1. First, I find the PID of the folding application by running "top"

In my case, I found that the job (VIRT) for folding was # 25644.

2. Then I "renice" it, to -20 like so:

renice -20 -p 25644 -u root
renice -20 -p 25644 -u enthalco (depending on who I am)

3. At -20, I am completing 4 folding frames in about 30 minutes, ( 1 Frame every 7.5 minutes), a WU in about:
400 frames / WU = 400 * 7.5 minutes = 3000 minutes (/60 = 50 Hours)
50 Hours/ 24 = 2 Days.

4. At nice -20, folding is using about 48 % of my cpu time (I also nice seti@home to -20).

5. Admittingly, I can't use my computer for anything else while seti and folding are using all my cpu time. I have to "renice +20 -p 25644 -u root" to get anything else done.

I would be interested in knowing if anyone else is hasing sucess with folding or seti.

thanks for your time,

Fred OGrady

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