A few questions
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Author:  bL@De [ Mon May 05, 2003 8:55 am ]
Post subject:  A few questions

Hi Guys,
I hope this thread is ok in here, rest assure it will be moved if its in the wrong place.

First question
My host name on the linux box is set to for example, it is possible to make this a live web site so people actually go to instead of a redirection through no-ip I have?

Second question
I have Samba setup on my Mandrake linux box and basically what I want to do is share files between the three systems (2x XP machines & Mandrake Gateway) sometimes more. Ideally its going to be used for backing up work, files etc.

When the firewall (Shorewall) is enabled, I get the following message popping up in XP (from both XP machines):

On the otherhand if I disable the firewall (Shorewall), I can have full access to shares that I have setup which is what I want but the downside to that is the net sharing goes down.

I am by no means an advanced user, fairly basic user would just about sum me up so please try not to confuse me although that wouldn't be that hard given I am trying to cope with learning Linux as well as setup Cisco routers.

I have Webmin and the GUI which I am more familar with than the CLI, just makes the learning process a little easier until I get more confidence and go the full slog in the CLI.

Third question
I attempted to install Mandrake 9.1, everything went fine until I got to the internet part of things.

I use Telstra as my provider for the time being until they get their butts into gear and activate my phone line for ADSL. Anyway as soon as I'd attempt to setup the internet it would change the host name to 'dhcp-106-46' and I wasn't able to connect to the net for some strange reason. Gnome reported a problem as well when I was logging but I didn't grab what it said so I can't help you there.

Since then I went back to Mandrake 9.0 and everything is as happy as larry.

I'm just curious, if I happen to get adventurous and install 9.1 again how can the problem be fixed?

BTW you know you've been using Linux too much when you start using 'ls' instead of 'dir' to bring up a directory listing. :lol:

Any help would be great.


Author:  mayhem [ Mon May 05, 2003 12:16 pm ]
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You can point a domain to your box but you will have to do the following:

a) Register the domain (I recommend as they are cheap and reliable, check here to register)
b) Setup DNS or use for free DNS
c) Setup Apache on your machine to accept the domain :)

The hostname of your box, doesn't really matter if its the same as the domain or not, as this is more for a local networking perspective.

As for your firewall problem, tryin enabling the ports that samba uses, I can't remember what exactly they are but a google search will tell you in no time.

Finally for mandrake, can't really be of much help as I haven't played with 9.x yet, but make sure that your network interfaces are working correctly and you have the telstra client setup correctly.

Author:  bL@De [ Mon May 26, 2003 10:55 pm ]
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Sorry about the huge delay in thanking you for this mayhem.

Never the less it is muchly appreciated. :)

Do Myacen offer a reward system? As in lets say I signup with them and put yourself down as a referrer? I can see myself needing some help when it comes with the DNS, I am currently doing some DNS stuff at TAFE and I must say its like nothing I have experienced before although great they have sample config files floating around making life much easier.

I had a go at Samba but no such luck, I just temporarily disable the firewall until I get enough time to get around to fixing the little issue.

Thanks again

Author:  mayhem [ Tue May 27, 2003 12:18 am ]
Post subject: 

Glad to help.

As for the referrel program, I don't know, will find out.

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